Block Island Suncare – Product Review


I received the product free for purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.

Since I live at the beach, I am always on the look out for a great sunscreen product. I use sunscreen year round since I spend time working in the yard and it never really gets very cold here. The sun is strong year round. Since I have been cursed with sensitive skin, in my search for the perfect sunscreen I am always looking for one that doesn’t have a lot of “extras” thrown that will work well without setting off a skin reaction, and I think I just may have finally found the perfect product.

Block Island products are organic so their sunscreen product is made without synthetic chemical ingredients using mineral ingredients that are natural and sit on top of your skin to reflect and scatter the sun. Synthetic chemical ingredients absorb the sun rays into your skin. Block Island is a family owned company that is concerned with skincare due  to a family history of skin cancer and wanting the to share what they have learned about the importance of taking care of your skin.

I used Block Island SPF 30 sunscreen consistently for a full week. The product absorbs easily and I found I did not have to re-apply as often as I usually do. Also a huge plus for me is there is no “sunscreen” smell associated with the product. Living at the beach and using sunscreen regularly I often smell like sunscreen all the time – that doesn’t happen with this product. 

Although a few dollars more than a sunscreen product you can purchase at your local store, I believe the product is well worth the extra cost since I found myself using less than I would normally use of another product. I also believe that after a full week of using the product, it acted as a moisturizer as well as a sun block so it’s almost like two products in one!


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