Get the Hair Color You Always Wanted! eSalon Review and Discount


“eSalon was inspired by the idea that beautiful, quality hair color can be accessible without the uncertainties of retail products and the excessive expense of salons.”

Visit, answer a few simple questions about your hair and before you know it, the stylists at eSalon will provide you with what is best for your hair. They will take into account your natural hair color, amount of gray hair, previous color applications, hair texture and condition, desired color, and many other variables to create a custom formulated hair color that you will never be able get from boxed colors. Along with your color, you will also receive personalized instructions customized just for you. Every order is custom blended just for you. You can also enroll in scheduled deliveries set for your schedule depending on how often you need to color your hair. eSalon products are definitely salon quality.

If you would like to try eSalon yourself, use the following link to receive 50% recurring shipments:

The process was simple and the product is outstanding. It is no more difficult to apply than other boxed hair color on the market, it is salon quality and lasts much longer than a boxed hair dye, and created just for you!


The eSalon Difference

The eSalon Difference




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