Getting Organized Using Dollar Store Stuff!




Your local dollar store has everything you need to organize your home. Yes. Really. It’s 100% true. From bins and storage containers to office and shoes, you can pick up your organizing supplies for pennies on the dollar using a dollar store. (Dollar stores include places such as Dollar General, Family Dollar, and my favorite, Dollar Tree, everything is literally only $1!)



Cloth bins are one item that you can never have too many of. From organizing shoes and hats to keeping the playroom tidy, these bins are going to turn out to be your best purchase! They will typically sit on any kind of shelving that is wide enough, no need to purchase the cube specific shelving, especially when your children will strew them about the room in minutes anyway! Cloth bins are actually one of my favorite organizing items since they come in many different colors to match all areas of your house.



If your children drive you nuts with Legos and other small items all over the place, use a plastic bin system to keep the toys where they belong. Put each type of little toy into its own clear plastic storage bin, and label it any way you choose with what’s in it. Make sure to label the lid as well in case they don’t all match up. Set a new plan into place where when your child takes out one bin to play with, they must put that bin back before taking out another to play with.shoebox


Shoe organizers work for more than just organizing shoes. You can use it for your children to store Barbie dolls, or use it by your desk to store post it notes and pens if you seem to have far too many of them. They also work well for storing cleaning supplies, and canned goods in the pantry.



The office section of your dollar store should have plenty of small pencil cup type organizers. You should pick up a few of these. Not only are they great for what they are intended for, holding pencils and pens, but you can also use them for things like q-tips in the bathroom, toothbrushes, sponges in the kitchen (keeping it off the counter/sink helps it dry faster and spread less germs), by the door for keys, storing coins and extra change, some of them also fit into cup holders in the car to extend the height of the holder.


There are lots of items you can find in your local dollar store that can be used for organization, even if that isn’t what the item is really sold for. Go wild! Use your imagination!

Office supplies can be used for small cosmetics:



Small favor buckets can be used for pens, pencils, change, keys, etc.



Combine multiple dollar store items (curtain rods, baskets, tins and jars) into one organization area:


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