Safe Skins Spiral Slicer Product Review

IMG_0762I received the product to review. All opinions are my own.

Safe Skins Spiral Slicer Including the Kitopia 40 Spiral Vegetable Slicer Recipe Ebook – I was asked to review this product and since my daughter is a chef, all cooking products are always welcome in our house! The product is o.k. Not great. Just o.k. I found it awkward to use and prefer my old-fashioned peeler to do the job. In this age of food processors and gadgets, I think it would be a fine product for anyone that doesn’t have anything else available. It’s difficult to use as directed once your hand gets wet and slippery which happens quickly from the moisture in the vegetable.

IMG_0764IMG_0766I used the ‪#‎spiralslicer‬ and my old-fashioned peeler for the same amount of time and as you can see from the picture – had very different results.Wanting to give the product a fair chance, I tried it on a few different vegetables but unfortunately had the same results. The slicer sells on Amazon at what I find to be way too high priced for what it is and how it works.When it arrived it was half the size I had imagined it would be. It also comes with a “BPA-free, eco-safe tote bag – not sure why since I can’t imagine any reason I would have to carry my vegetable slicer with me – it is compact enough to fit in a cabinet or drawer of your kitchen.

The original price on Amazon was $39.99 and has now been knocked down to $15.89 and to be honest I think the $15.89 price point is till too high for this product.

You may want to try it yourself. If you do, be sure to use it the minute it is received since it only comes with a “24 Hour Money Back Guarantee”. 

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