Santa Fe Art Brushes – Product Review


Santa Fe Art Supply Artist Brush Set1I received this product at a greatly reduced cost or free for purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.

My son loves to paint. There are canvases of every size and shape hanging on his walls, my walls, his Grandmother’s walls. He is an abstract artist and each of his creations has a special meaning to him or to the person he created it for. Needless to say he was thrilled when I received this opportunity to review this set of brushes. My daughter is a chef. She creates custom cakes and uses paint brushes in her creations to color flower and designs on the cakes – she wasn’t happy her brother grabbed these brushes the minute he saw them!

This is one of the most beautiful sets of art supply brushes I have seen in a long time. Anyone that regularly buys brushes like this knows that the cost, on is fabulous! At $38 you couldn’t ask for a better price for a quality product. 

Between my son  and my daughter, we regularly purchase brushes for far more money and no where near the quality. Each brush is well made and easy to clean. The set includes every shape brush you can possibly need to use. I highly recommend this set for anyone in the market for paint brushes. 



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