#ShareYourCare Day – Sept. 9 – Help the Care Bears Spread Kindness Around the World!


The Care Bears need you!

Sign up as a member of the Share Your Care Crew today

and tell us how you #ShareYourCare!

The folks at Free at Last Mom are pleased and honored to be Care Bears Share Your Care Ambassadors. We are on a mission, along with the Care Bears, to spread kindness around the world.

September 9th is National Care Bears™ #ShareYourCare Day!  The Care Bears are encouraging fans to spread caring, sharing, love, friendship, acceptance, fun and happiness to those around them that day, and each and every day of the year! That day, Care Bears is participating in an event helping 10 year old Zach Kaplan of #ZachKapCares and his mission to gift children in need with a soft bear to hug at night by donating 400 Care Bears plush to Leake & Watts, a  head start program serving 8,000 in New York City and Westchester County!


#ShareYourCare could be small, simple things like sharing a toy with your sibling, taking out the trash for your mom, or helping an older neighbor across the street. Or bigger things like planting a tree, or spending a day volunteering for a charity. Through this important movement, the Care Bears will inspire everyone to be kind, think of others and #ShareYourCare every day.


#ShareYourCare Oath

On my honor, I hereby declare:

I’ll take part in the movement of Share Your Care.

Making the world a better place is easy if we

Pull together and create a Share Your Care family.

Caring, sharing, and best friends we’ll be.

Hand in hand, heart to heart,

From this day forward, I’m willing to start!

Share Your Care Crew Members

from coast to coast,

Spreading the message to those who need it most!

Be sure to visit www.CareBearsShare.com to sign up to be a #ShareYourCareCrew and share your stories with others to help motivate them to help others and spread kindness – not just on #ShareYourCare Day but EVERYDAY!

How do I #ShareYourCare everyday? That’s easy. I help anyone that needs help – whether they ask for it or not! I try to be kind to everyone I come across – all the time – everyday! When traveling I always keep a few small token toys with me to share with children that may be tired from traveling and giving their parents a little bit  of a hard time. It gives the parents a few minutes of peace while their child concentrates on their new little toy. I help older shoppers load their cars in the grocery store parking lot. I drive my neighbor to church. These are just a few simple examples of how to #ShareYourCare everyday!

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