Something Good Comes From Something Bad

cartoon-chef-cooking-foodcartoon-chef-stock-photos---image--11135383-jjtulutiMy daughter, 27 years old, is a busy Executive Chef running a restaurant, a cross-fit coach, marathon runner and is taking on-line courses to become a certified nutritionist. Needless to say she has a limited amount of free time.

dots-happy-family-cartoonMy son, 30 years old this week, has a family – does family things and is not quite as “intense” as my daughter.

0511-1105-1016-1708About 6 months ago they had a huge argument. Since I am now working very hard at being a “free at last” Mom, I stayed out of it completely. This was hard for me since they were raised to look out for each other and until then had a very close relationship, but I was determined to be “free!” Over the last few months, family get-togethers were sometimes strained since both of them are stubborn and neither one wanted to be the first one to break the ice. I would occasionally say “please make things right with your sister” or “please make things right with your brother”, but it seemed as if that wouldn’t happen simply because they lead totally different lives and have totally different priorities.

Over the last week or two my husband has been experiencing some health concerns. Each time we went to the doctor and had new information, I would call them to keep them up to date. Sometime around the middle of the first week I realized while speaking to my daughter that she actually said “when I spoke to Dan last night….!” Could I have been hearing things. This was the first time in months I have heard she has spoken to her brother. The next day I spoke to my son and he said the same thing….”when I spoke to Caitlin…!”


Then on Saturday morning, the day before Mother’s Day, my daughter’s car pulled into the driveway and both of my children got out! They came to visit together! Not only did they come to visit together, but they came to work! I had mentioned during our calls that there was some yard work that needed to be done that my husband just couldn’t do. Here they were – together – work gloves in hand – ready to mow the lawn, trim the hedges and plant some shrubs! Worrying about their Dad TOGETHER made them forget about their argument that had been a thorn in everyone’s side for the last six months.

I sat on the porch and watched them work together, laughing and teasing like teenagers, and thought to myself “I really am free at last – I just might have done a good job!”



  • Wow what a post. I am glad your children both worked together, but do hope your husband is ok.

  • What a great story, a success story. You are Free at last 🙂 All your hard work in raising your children has paid off. Unfortunately it did take something bad to bring them together! How is your husband doing? Sending prayers…

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